Lena’s letter

In light of the awful terror attack in London I decided to take time to share with you some knowledge. It is not about Israel, it’s about the huge danger in your concentration in the wrong things.

It’s about Europe.

It’s about the whole world.

I will start with the subject of religion. Islam differs from Judaism in many aspects. One of them is Islamic endless attempt to force its religion on peoples of the world. Judaism, on the contrary, is very ”closed”. Some Islamic people dream about and pray for Islam in the whole world. But others take it too far and do it violently.

There is a group of Islamic extremists all around Europe (and other parts of the world), who enlarge their group by brainwashing other people. They violently and strategically plan to destroy democracy in the whole Europe and the rest of the world (because ”People can’t decide about rules, only Allah can”). They pray outside, in front of you in order to provoke you. They organize noisy demonstrations against your government and from time to time kill people in the name of their God while behind closed doors plan bigger and dangerous operations and train their Shahids.

Shahids claim, by the way, that they symbolically kill people to revenge the Muslim deaths. However, they kill themselves for different reasons (such as ”family honour” Shia Islam vs. Sunni Islam, bad life conditions because of dictators etc.)  AND they live in the Western world because it is a better place.

On the other hand, there are many very normal and even nice, smart and contributing Muslims who silently believe in what they believe and live their normal lives in Europe. Some of them openly support Israel. But they put their lives in danger for doing it.

Anyway, look at the Europeans now. They are busy with the wrong things. Under their noses, groups of people try to destroy their world and force on them something that is completely opposite from democracy and freedom (although I don’t understand the reason). Why destroy a better world? Just go back to where you came from. But there is always this stupid war because of religion and MISINFORMATION (misinformation they get and misinformation you get).

Now about Israelis,

Israel is a ”better place” in the Middle East.

Israelis live with Muslims in peace in Israel. Maybe we are not big lovers, but neighbours. Very near our cities there are areas with such groups of Islamic extremists, who plan to destroy us, the only democracy in the Middle East, where Muslims are the most free.

The extremists do everything for it. It happened so that they rule the civilians in these areas and hide in hospitals and schools. They use children as live shields for YOU to give legitimacy for their actions. They value death over life. There are times when they succeed breaking into our cities and kill people in the name of Allah. There are disgusting events you probably never heard about, or heard but were sure Israelis were the ones who were responsible for it. These extremists broke into houses and killed whole families with tiny children, using knifes. On the other occasions they bombed buses or shot at bypassing cars. And for more than 10 years have been bombing us with rockets.

The IDF don’t even kill these terrorists, but put them in jail in good conditions. We heal them with our money. Why? Because our belief says that only God can take life, and man cannot do that. It’s part of our mentality. But there are occasions when there is no other choice but to protect ourselves.

In summary, I want to say that if I knew about Israel what you know, I would probably hate it too…

Just learn more about the truth in Israel, Middle East and even Europe to be able to face real big dangers in this world.

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24 year old student from Israel

P.S. In my family there are Christians, Jews and Muslims. I was raised as both Christian and Jewish and married a man with Jewish – Muslim – Christian roots and we all believe in humanity. Israel is a Holy place for me because I live among people who believe in life, in family and in education. I live amongst people with the same mentality as mine – a unique one for Israel.

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”Please come and get to know us”

Dear Swedish friends,

We don’t have many opportunities to get to know each other.

I live in a wonderful country: Israel. I have four little girls and have chosen to make the Jewish homeland their home. I hope they will internalize and promote the traditions, values and goals that are what makes Israel the special place that it is. What am I talking about? Some are obvious things: living Jewish lives, celebrating holidays, respecting and helping others, the poor and the weak in our own communities. I hope my kids will grow up to care about others and make the world a better place, in ways you may not know about:

The Israeli humanitarian organization ‘Save a Child’s Heart’ (SACH) has repaired the hearts of more than 2,800 children from a wide variety of countries. The organization SACH, located in Israel and staffed by Israelis, treats children from developing countries without regard to race, color, gender, religion, or financial consideration. In first week in June 2012, SACH was treating 30 children from Angola, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iraq, the Palestinian Authority (YES – Palestinian children), Tanzania, Zanzibar and Zimbabwe. Save a Child’s Heart’s mission is to improve the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children from developing countries who suffer from heart disease, and who cannot get adequate medical care in their home countries. It also works to create centers for pediatric cardiac care in these countries.

Israeli agricultural technology is helping the developing world to improve crop yields and food storage. I’m sure you know that Israeli technology is in every computer and cell phone you use, but did you know that Israeli technology and the Israeli development agency, Mashav, specifically focus on helping farmers in the developing world (e.g. in Vietnam and Senegal) on improved irrigation and increasing crop yields? Several Israeli inventions, such as drip-irrigation, dew-catching systems, potatoes that grow well in hot and dry climates are helping the poor to feed themselves instead on relying on handouts.

Israel formally recognizes 15 religions, including Islam, Bah’ai, the Druze religion, and Chaldaic and other Christian denominations. Each religious community freely practices its faith, observes its own holy days and weekly day of rest, and administers its own internal affairs. Israel protects the holy sites of all religions. Israel is the only Middle Eastern country where the Christian population is thriving instead of disappearing. Between 1948 and 1998, Israel’s Christian population grew fourfold, from 34,000 to 130,000. The Bah’ai, a religious group persecuted in Muslim countries, built its world center in Haifa, Israel.

Gays have full rights in Israel, don’t have to hide and even serve in the army without having to hide their sexual identity. Women have full rights in Israel and can hold any professional position, study anywhere and have always had full voting rights. Israeli Arabs are citizens with the same rights as all other citizens. There are Israeli Arabs members of parliament in the Knesset (the parliament), judges in regional courts and in the supreme court and foreign service officers in the Foreign Ministry who serve as ambassadors or consuls, in the Israeli Police Force and in the Israel Defense Forces.

This is Israel. The real Israel. This is MY Israel.

I think you should come to Israel to see that we live in a country with normal problems, like poverty and crime, and abnormal problems, like the threat of nuclear war from Iran, terrorism from Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, from Lebanon and from Egypt. You’ll also see that we are a special country, a country whose diverse populations are knit together and care about each other, a country with an incredible level of joie de vivre, of living each day to the fullest, of cherishing the profane and the divine and of always pushing to do better, to be better.

I know we’d love to show you the real Israel. Please come and get to know us.

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”Before you say one more thing about Israel – come here!”

Hej kära vänner!

So… Originally I wanted to write this letter in Swedish, but I gave up on the idea since my Swedish is far from being perfect and since I want to convey my message as coherent as I can.

I read some of the letters here, and they’re very touching letters about the conflicts here in Israel and about the terror attacks and all of the threats we are dealing with from all of our neighbors. Unfortunately, our neighbors are not Norway, Finland and Denmark, to say the least :-).
I do have a lot to say about the political aspects, about the European hypocrisy and the ”human rights” activists, who are falling into the trap of Hamas and terror organizations. I have a family in the South of Israel, and my brother spent his birthday in a shelter, and in general I have much to say about the conflict.


I don’t want to focus on the negative and problematic sides, but on the positive ones. Because that’s how I am. I guess that most Israelis and Jews are like that – ”everything will be alright” (”Allt ordnar sig”). Maybe because my people have been through so much…

In order to truly understand the mentality, the way of thinking, the culture, the conflict and all what you might thought or heard in the news about Israel – you just have to come here. There were so many people who completely changed their mind about Israel after visiting. There is so much ignorance in the Western world in the Israeli subject, it’s just unbelievable. In my four visits in Sweden, there were Swedes who thought the language we speak is Jerusalem, some thought that Israel is in Africa and were surprised to see that I’m white; others thought women have to work with their faces covered, and so on. The only way to fight that ignorance is to come, see by yourselves and tell your friends the truth. Så kom!

Before I tell you what Israel is for me, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. My name is Dan, I’m 21 years old and I live in Tel Aviv. I was born in Moscow and my parents immigrated to Israel when I was one year old. I grew up in Be’er Sheva, a city in the South of Israel. I moved to Tel Aviv just after high school because I got accepted to Law studies at Tel Aviv University. This year I’m finishing the fourth and last year of my degree, and afterwards I go to the army to work in the law unit there. I speak Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish (from TV shows I watched when I was a kid) and some Swedish. My romance with Sweden started a long time ago, in the beginning with the Eurovision and the Melodifestivalen. Since March 2009, I visited Sweden 4 times and also started studying the language. I really like your country, the culture, the people, the music and even the weather (probably it’s the Russian genes…).

But anyway, we are here to talk about Israel. Do you remember Mika’s song, ”Grace Kelly”? It has a sentence – ”I could be brown, I could be blue…”- If someone would ask me what the magic of Israel is, and why people fall in love with it, I would answer, without any doubt, that it is its diversity.

Israel can be the Holy Land, with all of the sacred places for Jews, Christians and Muslim people and you can feel the Holy Spirit in the different holidays, as well as during the weekends in Jerusalem, Nazareth, Safed, and more. Jewish Rabbis are praying in the Western Wall, Priests and nuns are walking down Via Dolorosa road in the old city of Jerusalem, and Muslims are looking at the beauty of the Dome of the Rock. If there is a G-d watching us from above, he is definitely overlooking at Jerusalem and the holy places.

But at the same time, alongside with the religion and the tradition, we can see at the same Jerusalem city bars and pubs and night clubs, celebrating the miracle of life until dawn. If you go a bit west you will find Tel Aviv, the most liberal city in the Middle East. With endless night life, it earned the name ”the city that never sleeps”. Pride parades, amazing beaches and a beautiful port, big club scene, Parties – all of those contributed to the image that Tel Aviv got – young, funky and maybe a bit of a crazy city!

Israel is known for also other unique places: The Dead Sea, where you can lie down and relax. Go in the footsteps of the heroes in Masada, explore the Negev desert (and the craters there – a night walk in the desert with all the stars above is an amazing experience!), look at what is left in Caesarea, use Israel’s ski resort (yes, we also have snowy mountains) in the Hermon Mountain, swim in the sea of Galilee, enjoy the water in the Mediterranean sea all across it’s shore – including Haifa and the outstanding Baha’i gardens, dive and swim with dolphins in the Red Sea, in the beach of Eilat, Israel’s southern city, and much more.

It has everything for everyone: different religions trips, families, young travelers, adventurous people, straight, gay, and practically – each and every one of you will fall in love with Israel and will find what he likes. We truly made the desert blossom. Once you also meet the people and communicate and listen – you can understand the truth and the beauty of it. You can find a lot of information and pictures once you search the stuff I put in bold online, but I also made a collage that shows the different extraordinary places in Israel.

This is Israel

Other than the different cities and religions in Israel, another aspect of this diversity is the diversity in languages, people and ethnicities from all around the world. In every corner you will find a mix of a truly Moroccan spirit, the Polish or ”Yiddishe Mame”, French accent, flags of Russia, Hungarian Kiortosh, Egyptian pride, American youngsters, Argentinian meat and ”Assado”, and much more. The reason is of course the gathering of all of the Jews around the world in this small country. I think that makes life much more interesting. People from different backgrounds, with different mentalities meet, know each other and even get together. It can also be very funny and amusing, when for example a Russian lady tries to find her way in the line to a Falafel store. No wonder it’s called the ”Melting Pot” of the Israeli society!

The diversity is also shown in political views; from very right political parties, to the most left. There is a joke about Jews – ”Two Jews, three opinions”. It seems that you can’t describe the Israeli inner political conflicts in a better way. As a democracy, Israel allows all inoffensive opinions to be expressed (with Arab Muslims in the parliament). That’s why also a lot of political parties rise and fall; because they had the illusion they could unite most of the people into one opinion. Due to the different background and mentality of every person, it’s almost impossible.

In any case, please, before you say one more thing about Israel, or before you judge Israel because of something you heard in the media, come here. We’ll show you around. 🙂

I will be happy to get in contact with you, if someone also plans to come or just to ask any question – you can find me on Facebook (Dan Erukhimovich).

Shalom och hej,


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”Över hela landet syns moskéer, kyrkor och synagogor”

Hej Kim
Först och främst vill jag tacka dig för ditt initiativ.

Jag har förstått att människor i Sverige inte känner till båda sidorna i konflikten mellan israeler och araber och de har ingen aning om vad som händer här i det dagliga livet. Jag vill hjälpa er att förstå mer genom att berätta om några av mina erfarenheter.

Först och främst är ISRAEL DEN ENDA DEMOKRATIN i regionen (titta bara på vad som händer i Syrien). I Israel kan vem som helst säga vad som helst – när som helst. Muslimer, judar och kristna har samma rättigheter.

Själv har jag studerat vid tre olika högskolor och det fanns flera muslimer som läste på samma skolor och vi hade inga problem med studera ihop – vi hjälpte varandra för att få så bra resultat på tentorna som möjligt, vi delade material med varandra, osv.

Över hela landet syns moskéer, kyrkor och synagogor. Alla kan be i fred, i enlighet med sin religion.

Tyvärr hör man ingenting på nyheterna om alla dessa dagliga erfarenheter. Människor i Sverige får bara höra en sida av sanningen – men sanningen har två sidor.

Jag vill bjuda in alla svenskar att komma hit. Vi har ett underbart land.

Igår cyklade jag till Tel Aviv och jag såg en massa turister som hade det bra. Vädret var utmärkt och det var lagom varmt. Havet var blått och stämningen…fantastisk.

För en vecka sedan var jag i Jerusalem med hela familjen och vi såg araber, judar och kristna som respekterade varandra.

Israeler tycker inte om krig. Vi vill ha fred. Tro mig. Jag bor här och jag vet vad jag pratar om.

Lis 🙂

Översättning: Ingrid Olsson.
Read this letter in English. 

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”All over the country you can see Mosques, Churches and Synagogues”

Hi Kim
First of all I want to bless you for your initiative.

I see that people in Sweden don’t know about both sides of the Israeli-Arab problem and they have no idea about what is happening here in the everyday life. I want to help you to know more about it through sharing a few experiences.

First of all Israel is the ONLY DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY in the area (take a look at what is going in Syria). In Israel anyone can say what he wants, whenever he wants. Muslims, Jews and Christians have equals rights.

I personally studied in three institutes during my life and there were a lot of Muslims that studied in the same institutes and we didn’t have any problem to be together in the same classes, we helped each other in order to get the best scores in the exams, we gave learning material to each other, etc. etc.

All over the country you can see Mosques, Churches and Synagogues; everyone can pray in peace, according to her religion.

Unfortunately in the news you don’t see about all these daily experiences. People in Sweden are exposed just to one side of the truth, but the truth has two sides.

I invite all Swedish people to come here, we have an extremely great country.

Yesterday I went to Tel Aviv by bike and I saw a lot of tourists having a good time, the weather was excellent and comfortably warm.  The sea was blue and the mood… fantastic.

One week ago I was in Jerusalem with all my family, we saw Arabs, Jews, tourists, Christians respecting each other.

Israeli people don’t like war; we prefer to live in peace. Believe me, I live here and I know what I’m talking about.

Lis 🙂

Read this letter in Swedish.

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”Sandy deserts, wild Arabs and wild Jews trying to kill each other…”

A View of Israel

Hello my friends over the world.

A few years ago I met a tourist from Canada. We were riding a bus near the Dead Sea, I was just returning from a hike in the desert. We were passing the sea when the Canadian tourist asked me where the Dead Sea was. Of course I thought she was making a joke, and yet, I just pointed out the window… We started to chat and I found out that she was a Jew from Canada, and the ignorance shocked me.
A Jew from Canada thought that Israel is a desert state, primitive and wild.
Well, this was not the first time I had encountered that type of ignorance.

It seems that this is what people think about this place:

Sandy deserts, wild Arabs and wild Jews trying to kill each other, everybody lives in tents and riding camels, etc…

The true face is much different and very complex:

We are a very modern society, with first world’s problems (according to Cold War terminology: 1st world = NATO. 2nd world = Warsaw Pact countries, 3rd world = the rest):

  • A much branched society with many inner conflicts. We have Hebrews and Arabs (I relate to what you call Jews as Hebrews, since Judaism is a religion and I talk about the people), the Arab society is branched into Muslim (Shia and Sunni), Bedouins (in the north and in the south), Christians – many branches, I don’t even know a half of them, and the Druze (Golan and not Golan) and some more. The Israeli-Arab society itself is branched into those who are loyal and pro-Israel and those who are not loyal and anti-Israel.
  • The Hebrew society is divided into several branches: religious, non-religious, secular, Hasidic, reformed, orthodox, etc…
  • We have many issues of rich and poor conflicts, just as in the entire 1st world.

We live in cites, in country towns and things like the Kibbutz and the Moshav. There are Arab villages and many other forms, AND YES, THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE LIVING IN TENTS AND RIDE CAMELS…

The bottom line is that true is not as it seems by media or any PR.
The political situation is also not at all as it seems on TV.

When you try to know a place, you start with history. The Palestinians are making a use of a post-modernistic way of thinking, and invent a narrative. In order to support their narrative they have invented history that was never true. The Hebrew narrative is based on historical facts (not based on the Bible, since this is not history) and archeology.

So I will not summarize here the history of the place, I have done that in about 14 pages before, but here I just advice you all: IF YOU WANT TO REALLY KNOW A PLACE, STUDY THE HISTORY, LOOK FOR EVIDENCE AND NOT JUST NARRATIVES.

That’s all for now, let’s fight ignorance together.


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Men säg det inte högt, ty gör du det så stämplas du som islamofob.

”Det enda problemet som jag ser med projektet – hur vältänkt det än är, baserat på en bästsäljare – är det stora problemet att det är en judisk berättelse och att Simon Wiesenthal center i USA har sagt att södra Sverige är en MYCKET osäker plats för judar på grund av den stora och allt fientligare muslimska folkgruppen.”

Hollywoodbolaget ville spela in en storfilm i Skåne, baserad på en bästsäljare. Men bolaget fick kalla fötter. Anledningen: hotbilden mot judar i regionen. 


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Godnatt Norge

Även för norrmännen går allting åt helvete.
I land efter land trakasseras judarna och sedan sitter medborgarna där och stör sig på den enda judiska staten i världen.
Rimmar illa.

“When there were anti-Semitic incidents at school, Jewish parents discussed this with some school principals, who supported the aggression. One told a Jewish girl to remove her ‘provocative’ Magen David.”

(Det är som sagt därför jag alltid bär min Davidsstjärna.)

Läs: Shocking Report of Norway’s Anti-Semitism

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Kolla kolla 2

Vi kickar igång dagen med ett par fräsiga klipp.

Inte ett öga är torrt i slutet av detta:

Tänk så fantastiskt:

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