• ESC 2015 – Semi 1

    Oh, vilken härlig afton!
    Äntligen är det ESC-tider igen – årets höjdpunkt!

    Som jag skrev på Facebook i morse:

    Oh dear.
    That special time of year is finally here.
    The first part of the greatest show on the planet is just hours away, and a man like me can’t help but becoming a little bit emotional.
    You see, Eurovision saved so many of us ‘odd ones’ as we in our youth tried to survive the difficulties of youth, in colourful clothes and weird hair-dos, and our ‘friends and neighbours’ wanted to kill us because they didn’t ‘get’ us.
    And then came Eurovision and we understood once and for all that we were never really that lonely.
    And believe it or not – the glam and the show is fab and liberating, but the music comes first. I LOVE THE MUSIC.
    So, I owe it all to you, Lady ESC.

    Och mina två favoriter gick till final: Estland och Belgien (som nu seglat upp till min absoluta etta).

    Älskar allt – ALLT – med Loïc Nottets ”Rhythm Inside”.


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